Ile aux Cerfs Excursions in Mauritius

There are few destinations more quintessentially Mauritian than Ile aux Cerfs. This idyllic island is situated off of the east coast of Mauritius, and is a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike.

There are a few different ways to visit Ile aux Cerfs, so here, we’d like to talk about different options for Ile aux Cerfs Excursions. The first choice you need to make is whether you’d like to do an Ile aux Cerfs Catamaran Cruise, or an Ile aux Cerfs Speedboat Trip. The Speedboat Trip involves a much shorter time to get to Ile aux Cerfs, and thus some additional time on the island itself. With the Catamaran Cruise, the trip to Ile aux Cerfs is part of the fun. With Ile aux Cerfs Catamaran Cruises, lunch is typically served aboard the catamaran, while IIle aux Cerfs Speedboat Trips typically serve lunch on Ile aux Cerfs. A catamaran cruise is a unique experience in itself, so if that interests you, it may be the best option. Keep in mind that if you have sea sickness, the Ile aux Cerfs Speedboat Trip will likely be the better choice, as less time is spent on the water. 

The next decision to make is whether you’d like to do a Shared or Private Trip. Shared Trips are much more common (and cost effective), however, if you have a group of over 6 people or so, a Private Trip may make more sense. A Private Trip also allows you to have a more intimate experience, and is a great way to celebrate Honeymoons or Wedding Anniversaries. 

Whatever type of Ile aux Cerfs Excursion you choose, you’re bound to have a great day. Keep in mind that the east coast of Mauritius is known for its gusty winds, especially from June to September. While these are rarely a problem, a light jacket may be a good idea during the winter months.