Legal Stuff

1. Introduction and Definitions

In the below Terms of Use the language ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘Bonjour Mauritius’ refers to and ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’  or ‘customer’ refers to any person using the website, any person who makes a reservation with Bonjour Mauritius, or any person who obtains the services of Bonjour Mauritius. Therefore, ‘customer’ may refer to the person making a reservation, or the entire group of people who the reservation has been made for. In the case of ambiguity, the latter, broader definition will be assumed. ‘Agent’ refers to an agent or independent contractor who may offer services on behalf of Bonjour Mauritius, but is not employed by Bonjour Mauritius in any way. Furthermore, the following definitions are relevant to this document:

Order Date: The date the customer makes the reservation.

Booking date: The date the reservation is for.


2. Amendments to this policy

This policy may be amended at any time without prior notice. The policy in place on the booking date will be taken to be the relevant policy.


3. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Whenever a customer uses the website, makes a reservation with Bonjour Mauritius, or obtains the services of Bonjour Mauritius, he/she is agreeing to these Terms of Use.


4. Intellectual Property Rights

The information, including but not limited to the text and photos, contained on is the property of Bonjour Mauritius and may not be used for commercial gain of any kind.


5. Accuracy of Information Provided by Bonjour Mauritius

When purchasing a tour or transfer on our website, you acknowledge that you have read the information provided fully, including information on specific dates that some attractions may not be open. While we do our best to ensure the information on our website is accurate we do not provide any guarantee in relation to the correctness of the information on Furthermore, the photos used are for illustrative purposes only and we do not guarantee that any photos used on our website are exact depictions of the actual services offered.


6. Limitation of Liability


6.1. Agents

Bonjour Mauritius works with several agents and we do our best to ensure all of our agents have the appropriate licences and insurances required carry out their respective businesses. We are not liable for any loss (financial or otherwise) incurred by any customer resulting from theft, the negligence of one of our agents (including gross negligence), or any other reason. Furthermore, we are not liable for injuries or death sustained by a customer resulting from the negligence of one of our agents, or any other reason, even in the case of gross negligence. In the case of negligence, gross or otherwise, the laws of the Republic of Mauritius apply to both the customer and the agent.


6.2. Cancellations by Bonjour Mauritius

In the exceptional case that Bonjour Mauritius, or an agent of Bonjour Mauritius, cancels or amends a booking in any way, you may be entitled to a compensation not exceeding a refund equal to or less than the price of the booking.


6.3. Accuracy of Information Provided by Bonjour Mauritius

We are not liable for damages, financial or otherwise, arising from the accuracy of information on our website, or information provided to you by us or one of our agents. This includes information pertaining to the availability or pricing of any attraction.


6.4. Accuracy of Information Provided by the Customer

Bonjour Mauritius will not provide any compensation in the case inaccurate information provided by a customer results in the change or loss of a booking, or any loss (financial or otherwise), including a missed flight. Inaccurate information includes, but is not limited to, an incorrect email address, phone number, pickup or dropoff location, number of people included in the booking, reservation date, reservation time, flight arrival time, flight departure time or flight number. Furthermore, Bonjour Mauritius will not provide any compensation in the case a customer fails to notify Bonjour Mauritius about the need for any additional services not clearly stated to be included in a booking, including, but not limited to, the need for a child/infant car seat or the accommodation of a person with disabilities.


6.5. Events Beyond our Control

Bonjour Mauritius is not liable for Acts of ‘God’, including, but not limited to bad weather conditions, political instability, acts of terrorism, epidemics of communicable diseases and the closure of public infrastructure including, but not limited to, roads and airports.


6.6. Maximum Compensation

Under all circumstances, any loss (financial or otherwise) incurred by a customer is subject to to a compensation not exceeding a refund equal to or less than the price of the booking.


7. Cancellations or Changes to a Booking

Any cancellations or changes to a booking are subject to our Cancellation Policy


8. Online Payment

Bonjour Mauritius accepts all major credit cards as forms of payment. Payment is made at the time of reservation and customers will see a charge under the name ‘Bonjour Mauritius’ on their credit card statement. Funds will be debited in the currency stated at the time of booking, and Bonjour Mauritius is not responsible for currency conversion fees charged by a customer’s credit card company. Furthermore, by purchasing the services of Bonjour Mauritius with a credit card, customers agree that the credit card belongs to them and they are using it in good faith. Any chargebacks may be reported to major credit bureaus and the fraudulent use of any credit card may be reported to the authorities in the relevant legal jurisdiction. Furthermore, legal action may be initiated on behalf of Bonjour Mauritius to recover any losses incurred as a result of fraudulent credit card use.


9. Collection & Storage of User Data

Bonjour Mauritius uses our Checkfront Booking Software to collect user data, primarily customer names, phone numbers and email addresses. This information is only stored on Checkfront’s servers. Please view Checkfront’s Privacy Policy for more information. Bonjour Mauritius processes all credit card payments through Checkfront Booking Software, which is PCI DSS compliant. Checkfront does not store cardholder data on premises but relies entirely on third party payment gateways to handle these functions. These third party service providers handle payment processing and storage of cardholder data. All third party processor supported by Checkfront are PCI DSS certified.


10. Complaints

In the unlikely event a customer has a complaint, or is requesting a full or partial refund, he/she must send this complaint or request to [email protected] within 30 days of the booking date.