Unique Mauritius Excursions

Most travelers to Mauritius (who’ve started researching tours and excursions) are aware of the island’s most popular tours, such as the North, South and Southwest Tours, Swimming with Wild Dolphins and Ile aux Cerfs Excursions. However, we’d like to introduce you to some not-so-well-known activity and excursion options on our beautiful island.


Swimming with Giant Turtles

In addition to Swimming with Wild Dolphins, it’s also possible to Swim with Giant Turtles in Mauritius! These Giant Green Sea Turtles can reach up to 1.2m in length and weigh up to 200kg. Travelers typically depart in a glass bottom boat from the northwest coast of the island, near Trou aux Biches. During the adventure, guests can snorkel with the giants, as well as observe a variety of marine life, including tropical fish and coral.

Swimming with Turtles Mauritius

Whale Watching

In addition to dolphins, it’s also possible to see whales off of the coast of Mauritius. Humpback whales can be sighted off the Mauritian coast between July and September/October when they move from the South pole to warmer seas near the equator to reproduce, give birth and breed before getting back to the Antarctic while the Sperm whales can be observed almost all year round. Whale Watching takes place quite a bit further off of the coast than Swimming with Wild Dolphins, so keep that in mind if you have sea sickness. 

Mauritius - Majestic Whale


Hiking may not be the first thing you think about when you think about Mauritius, however there are some amazing hikes (and views) on our beautiful island. Tamarind Falls (7 Waterfalls) offers adventurers the opportunity to discover meandering rivers, marvel at spectacular waterfalls, take a refreshing dip in natural basins, and soak in breathtaking views of Mauritius through a half day or full day hike. On the extreme southwest coast of Mauritius, views from the UNESCO world heritage site of Le Morne, 500m above sea level, are unmatched.

Hiking in Mauritius 7 Cascades Tamarind Falls 1