3 Must-Do Mauritius Excursions

There are hundreds of different things to do in Mauritius outside of your hotel. But, unfortunately your time on our beautiful island is limited. So, what are the 3 Mauritius excursions that you must do before you head home?


Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Mauritius is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many travelers. In many countries, dolphins are only able to be viewed in the confines of an aquarium. In Mauritius, we’re lucky enough to have wild dolphins who live just off of our coast, and come to the south half of the west coast of the island to feed every morning. There are several options (including Private Excursions) to view and swim with these amazing creatures, including both full day and half day wild dolphin excursions. Our recommendation is the Mauritius Dolphins & Volcanic Wonders Tour. This tour combines swimming with wild dolphins in the morning, with a tour of the southwest portion of the island in the afternoon, including the extinct volcano of Trou aux Cerfs, the Black River Gorge National Park, and the sacred lake of Grand Bassin. 

swimming dolphin


Ile aux Cerfs 

There are few places more quintessentially Mauritian than Ile aux Cerfs, a beautiful island off of the east coast of the island. Seeing Ile aux Cerfs makes the list of our must-do Mauritius excursions. There are both Ile aux Cerfs Catamaran Trips and Ile aux Cerfs Speedboat Trips, with the catamaran trips offering more time on the catamaran, and the speedboat trips offering more time on Ile aux Cerfs itself. Taking a catamaran in Mauritius is an experience of its own, so this is a great option if you haven’t had the chance to do so. Keep in mind that, due to its beauty, Ile aux Cerfs is popular. For that reason, it’s not the best place to go to “beat the crowds”.

Ile aux Cerfs Island


Explore the Flora & Fauna of the Island: A Few Different Options

A trip to Mauritius wouldn’t be complete without moving beyond the beaches, and exploring the amazing scenery and wildlife in the interior of the island. Our third must-do Mauritius excursion allows you to do just that! Depending on your preferences, there are a few different options to do this. If you enjoy hiking, both the 7 Waterfalls (Tamarind Falls) Hike and the Le Morne Hike are excellent options. The Tamarind Falls half day hike is relatively easy, with the full day hike, and the Le Morne hike, being more challenging. If hiking doesn’t interest you, the Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve Tour is a great option to see the flora and fauna endemic to the island, by touring a protected nature reserve off of the southeast coast of the island. A guided tour of Ile aux Aigrettes, hosted by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, awaits!

Mauritian Giant Tortoise