The Best Beaches in the North of Mauritius

Mauritius is known for its white sand beaches, and the North is no exception. The northwest coast of the island is home to some well-known beaches, such as Mon Choisy, Pererybere and Trou aux Biches, as well as some lesser known options such as La Cuvette, Bain Boeuf and Cap Malheureux. 


For swimming, we’d recommend the expansive beach of Mon Choisy, with its endless white sand. Mon Choisy is just north of the beach town (and beach) of Trou aux Biches, and if it seems to stretch on for kilometers, that’s because it does! Even on crowded days, it’s possible to find a spot on this beach. Mon Choisy also has an expansive row of Casuarina set back from the main beach, if you’re looking for shade. Just south of Mon Choisy is the smaller, but equally as beautiful, beach of Trou aux Biches, which offers additional options for eating and drinking.

Blue water of Mont Choisy Beach in Mauritius

Mon Choisy


The small, but picturesque, beach of La Cuvette, just south of the town of Pereybere, is another great choice. Flanked by rock outcrops on each side, La Cuvette’s ‘coziness’ is quite a contrast to the expanisness of Mon Choisy

People swimming in the La Cuvette Beach of Mauritius

La Cuvette


While not the best beach for swimming, Cap Malheureux offers some extremely impressive views. Notre Dame Auxiliatrice, known as the Red Church, makes a great photo opportunity. Cap Malheureux offers stunning views of the lagoon and the island of Coin de Mire, located just to the North of Mauritius. 

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice - The Red Church

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice


The beach of Pereybere (named after the town), is another great option. However, keep in mind that it can become quite busy, especially on weekends. The Grand Baie Public Beach offers tons of street food options, but is not as beautiful as some of the others listed above. Bain Boeuf is not the best beach for swimming, but is a favourite among wind surfers due to its almost-constant breeze.