Exploring the North West Coast of Mauritius

One of our favourite activities is to spend a day or an afternoon exploring the beautiful coastline of Mauritius. In this blog post, we share our favourite spots in the North West of the island. Some of them are great for suntanning and swimming, others have beautiful viewpoints and some will give you a glimpse into the laid-back coastal way of life of the Mauritian people.

Pointe aux Piments

We love Pointe aux Piments beach because it has managed to retain an authentic and natural feel despite the presence of big hotels nearby. The shade of the casuarina trees make it a perfect spot for a family picnic and the coral reef close by makes it ideal for snorkelling and line fishing. There is also a small beach shack that sells freshly prepared fish and seafood. We loved their octopus salad, served with warm, flaky Mauritian flatbread (farata) but you can try many more local specialties.

Pointe aux Piments

Food Pointe aux Piments

Trou aux Biches

This is the perfect spot for the ultimate beach day. The white sandy beach and turquoise lagoon is a sun-tanner’s dream come true and the coral reef close to the shore is perfect for snorkelling fans. There are a number of facilities such as water-sports, sunbeds and food stalls that make it a very convenient place for a day at the beach. We love going there in the afternoon to admire the legendary Mauritian sunset.

people swimming in trou aux biches beach

Mon Choisy

Mauritians love the beach of Mon Choisy or Mont Choisy. Often on weekends and public holidays, you can see couples and Mauritian families enjoying a picnic at the beach, some even camping overnight. It’s a stunning, long beach, great for swimming and soaking up the sunshine. Like at Trou aux Biches, there are also food vendors and sun-beds and water-sports options at Mon Choisy, and it is the perfect beach bum paradise! Even if this beach is slowly becoming one of the most popular Mauritius attractions, you can always find a nice quiet spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of this magical place.

mon choisy beach

Pointe aux Canonniers

Pointe aux Canonniers beach is an absolute gem! It isn’t as easy to find as the other beaches but if you ask the locals around there, they will point you to the two main ways to access this stunning, quiet and serene beach. The fact that it is hidden means that there are fewer people and no facilities nearby but that is the whole appeal of this beach. So if you’re visiting this beach, please make sure to respect the peace and quiet of the area.

pointe aux canonniers

Grand Baie

Grand Baie is by far the most popular tourist town in Mauritius and one of the most popular places to visit in Mauritius. Although there are many facilities for tourists such as restaurants, bars, tour operators, currency exchange offices, etc., it is at its core a fishing village and is inhabited by many locals who work in the tourism industry. You can see catamaran and yacht tours, anchored next to the local fishermen’s small pirogues, fancy restaurants next to small local shacks selling street food and fishermen selling their fresh catch of the day at the beach, just a few hundred metres from a big supermarket, and we absolutely love this mix.

grand baie

La Cuvette

La Cuvette beach is another small beach that we love. Most people staying in Grand Baie like to come to La Cuvette since it’s a much nicer beach for swimming than Grand Baie beach. There are no boats, just a small beach and a few beach vendors selling local specialties and fresh fruit. The view is just breathtaking!

la cuvette


Like Trou aux Biches, Pereybere is a very popular beach in Mauritius, among both Mauritians and tourists. The main beach area is quite small, so it can get quite busy, especially on weekends and public holidays but you will immediately understand why people love this beach. The water is calm and crystal clear and the sand is so fine. There are also many options for food, including a few restaurants that have a stunning view of the lagoon!


Bain Boeuf

What we love about Bain Boeuf is the peace and quiet, and the stunning view of the Coin de Mire island. At low tide, we love watching the fishermen leisurely walk out hundreds of metres into the lagoon to fish. At the moment though, there are works being done at the public beach. We’re not quite sure what it will look like but we hope it’s looking like it’ll be a beautiful waterfront that everybody can enjoy.

bain boeuf

Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux is a typical, laid back coastal village but it’s most well known for its red-roofed church. It is one of the most photographed viewpoints in Mauritius and you will understand why once you see it. The contrast of the red church with the stunning blue lagoon and the Coin de Mire island at the back is the perfect setting.


cap malheureux church

We hope you enjoy our suggestions! Let us know if you plan on visiting these places or if you’ve already been, we’d love to see the photos and hear your impressions. Drop us a comment below 🙂