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July Weather in Mauritius

July weather in Mauritius can be compared to July weather in Paris or Frankfurt and is warmer than summers in much of the UK and definitely Ireland. The only difference is July in mid-winter in Mauritius. Fairweather typically dominates, with rainfall typically relatively light and short-lived, making it an ideal time for some of our day trips.


  • With the drier weather, July is a great month to try hiking in Tamarind Falls. This area typically gets copious amounts of rain during the Mauritian summer.
  • July is the start of whale watching season in Mauritius.
  • Bring a light jacket or windbreaker for cooler evenings.


Given that July is mid-winter, temperatures in Mauritius are surprisingly comfortable. Along the coasts, maximum temperatures typically hover between 24 and 26 degrees, falling to 17 or 18 at night. Warmer days may see temperatures reaching the upper 20s, while overnight minimums below 15 degrees are rare on the coast.


July is not a humid month which makes it perfect for embarking on the hiking tours around Mauritius.


July may see short bursts of rain, but in general, it is a dry month.


Anticyclones (areas of high pressure that come from the southeast) can occur throughout July. these tend to bring breezy conditions and periods of cooler weather. Conditions on the south and east coasts tend to be windier than on the north and west coasts.


There are no cyclones in July


July is generally a sunny month. Despite the fact it is mid-winter in Mauritius, UV index values are typically around 7, which is similar to June/July levels in northern Europe.

Sea Temperatures:

Sea temperatures hover around 24-25 degrees in July.

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