A winter's day at La Cuvette Beach, Mauritius

Travelling to Mauritius in the Low Season

If you’re thinking of coming to Mauritius, one of the first questions you’ll probably have is, ‘When is the best time to travel to Mauritius?’ It’s a fair statement to say that for the majority of people, summer is probably the ‘best’ time to travel to London unless you’re a fan of cold, cloudy weather. But what about Mauritius? Does Mauritius really have high and low seasons?

The two busiest months in Mauritius are, without a doubt, December and January. Of those two, December takes the prize as the month which sees the most visitors… by far. Christmas and New Years are extremely busy times here, with many hotels filled to capacity and restaurants and bars packed. Hotels, tours and excursions may be more expensive this time of year. Remember, being in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite than those in Europe, so December is the start of our summer.

Cheapest Time to Travel to Mauritius

Outside of December and January, October, November, March, and April are also fairly busy. February is traditionally the month that sees the most cyclones (although rarely do they directly hit Mauritius), so visits drop a little. There are some definite advantages of traveling to Mauritius from October to April: warm weather, lots of other travelers, and for those in the northern hemisphere, the chance to escape winter! But what about the Mauritian winter (if you can call it that): from May/June until September?

What about Mauritius in the low season? June through September is definitely less busy here, but is it worth coming during these months? It can be. In fact, depending on what you’re looking for and what type of Mauritius attractions you want to visit and the activities you want to do, they can be the best months to come. First, what’s the weather like? Many people describe the average Mauritian winter day as a good British summer’s day. That’s a pretty accurate description, but it really depends where you are on the island. The North and West see much more sunshine and temperatures a couple of degrees warmer than the South and East. The South, and especially the East can be quite windy this time of year. Winters in Mauritius are generally dry, but you’re more likely to experience rain in the South/East than you are in the North/West. As always, the centre is cooler, cloudier and wetter than the coasts. In the North/West, daytime temperatures usually reach 25-27 in the day and settle at around 18 at night (a couple of degrees cooler in the South/East in the norm). On the coast, it is very very rare for temperatures to fall below 15 degrees. The sea is cooler than it is during the summer months, but still warm at 23-24 degrees.

Still not sure why would you want to travel to Mauritius during the winter?

  • You don’t like the rain: It’s generally dry in the winter! January through April (summer) is the wet season in Mauritius. You will most likely be able to take advantage of all the great things to do in Mauritius during the Mauritian winter since rain is most likely not going to be an issue.
  • You want to save some money: Accommodation is definitely cheaper in the winter and there are often promotions for various activities and attractions.
  • You don’t like the heat and humidity: Winters are warm, but not usually hot, and generally not humid. It is a very comfortable time of the year.
  • You like to windsurf: July and August are the best months for windsurfing in Mauritius!
  • You want to experience Mauritian culture: The less touristy times are the best times to get a real taste of Mauritian life.
  • You don’t like the crowds: Find the perfect spot on the beach without getting there at 6 am. Most of the popular places to visit in Mauritius are less crowded during the low season.

Mauritius promotes itself as a year-round tourist destination, and it definitely is. Depending on what your looking for the Mauritian ‘winter’ can be a great time to come. So what are you waiting for?