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A Mauritian Classic: The Di-pain, Di-ber and Gato Pima Sandwich

There is no denying it: Mauritians love their gato pima (gâteaux piments or chili cakes)! So it’s not surprising that they have numerous creative ways to enjoy their favourite treat! Here is a simple, although not necessarily healthy recipe. In Mauritius we’re lucky that we can buy fresh and hot gateaux piments from the street merchants but here […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Book Your Mauritius Airport Pickup

Many people travelling to Mauritius often wonder whether they should pre-book their airport transfer to their hotel or just get a cab once they’re there. Here is why you should always pre-book your Mauritius airport pickup: 1: Getting a cab at the airport is almost always more expensive. Prices charged by taxis at the airport […]

Ile aux Cerfs

Island Hopping, Snorkelling and Lunch on Ile aux Cerfs: A First-Hand Experience

It’s been over a week since we came back from our island hopping day trip and the excitement of it still hasn’t worn off! What a day it was! We started our drive from the North at 7:45am and got to the meeting point in the South East at around 9am, leaving us 15 minutes […]

Dolphin Flip

Swimming with the Dolphins in Mauritius: Your Questions Answered

Swimming with the dolphins in Mauritius is an activity that is becoming increasingly popular. Unlike aquariums where you can swim and interact with captive dolphins, this is a unique experience that allows you to swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment. The increased interest in seeing these beautiful marine mammals also means that there […]

Crystal Rock

Swimming with the Dolphins in Mauritius: A First-Hand Experience

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience swimming with the dolphins in Mauritius first-hand, and I’d like to share this amazing experience with you. The day started early; at 5am to be exact when my alarm went off. We were in the car leaving from Grand Baie by 5:45am, with no time for breakfast […]

Things to do in Mauritius when it’s Raining

OK, so we all dream of sunshine and blue skies when we go on vacation to a tropical country, but sometimes… mother nature can be quite capricious. Don’t despair, we have put together a list of things to do in Mauritius if you find yourself in a little rain spell during your visit. We know you […]