Things to do in Mauritius when it’s Raining

OK, so we all dream of sunshine and blue skies when we go on vacation to a tropical country, but sometimes… mother nature can be quite capricious. Don’t despair, we have put together a list of things to do in Mauritius if you find yourself in a little rain spell during your visit. We know you didn’t come to Mauritius to go bowling or to see a movie, so we kept the spirit of exploration and relaxation in mind when creating this list. We hope you find it helpful. If you have any other ideas, please write it in the comments section and we will add it to the list.

Visit a museum

Take the time to learn about the history of Mauritius and its inhabitants, or another topic that interests you such as photography or stamps. There are many choices of Mauritius attractions such as the Sugar Museum, Aapravasi Ghat, the Frederik Hendrik Museum and the Naval Museum, just to name a few! In addition to museums, there are many old historical houses such as the Chateau de Labourdonnais and Eureka House that have been converted into a showcase of life on the estates during colonial times, so be curious and take a peek into the past!

Go souvenir shopping

This is a no brainer; rainy weather is a great time to go shopping for souvenirs for your family back home! Yes, just like everywhere else in the world, one of the best things to do in Mauritius when it’s raining is to go shopping! There is a large variety of souvenirs beyond dodo fridge magnets, so take the time to browse the shops and find that perfect gift for your loved ones. If you get a chance to visit the Caudan Waterfront, we highly recommend checking out the Craft Market. It’s full of beautiful local handicrafts.

Visit authentic local factories

Did you know that there are many places to visit in Mauritius that will allow you to discover the authentic local industries that have contributed to the history and culture of the island? If you are a tea fan, you will love to discover the tea-making process at the Bois Cheri tea factory. If you’d like some biscuits to go with that tea, head on to the Rault biscuit factory, where you can see how the delicious cassava biscuits are made using the same traditional recipe since 140 years! If you prefer rum, there are many rhumeries that you can visit such as La Rhumerie de Chamarel and St. Aubin distillery. And it doesn’t just stop at food and drinks, you can get a real appreciation for Mauritian craft by visiting the Mauritius Glass Gallery, where skilled craftsmen create beautiful works of art right in front of your eyes! And of course, don’t miss the ship model factories, where skilled artists create intricate models of famous historical ships.

Visit an art gallery

With such so much beauty around the island, no wonder Mauritius has a number of famous artists such as Malcolm de Chazal, Vaco and Jean Claude Baissac. You can experience the Mauritian culture and way of life through the wonderful art of local artists. You can visit their exhibits at one of the art galleries such as the Moulin Cassé Gallery in Pereybere or the Seebaluck Art Gallery & Galerie Raphael in Pointe aux Canonniers. You will fall in love with the colourful depictions of life on the island and appreciate that Mauritius activities that allow you to discover the island doesn’t always have to be outdoors!

Enjoy Mauritian gastronomy

I don’t mean just go out to eat; I mean make a day out of it, make it a whole event! Make a reservation at that fancy restaurant you’ve been drooling over, get dressed up to the nines and enjoy fine Mauritian gastronomy. Bring out your inner foodie and order all the courses, and order that bottle of wine while you’re at it! Take your time and savour the experience, there is no rush in Mauritius!

Read a book

There’s nothing quite like a good book on a rainy day. Put away the paperbacks that you brought on your trip and instead, head to the local bookstore and pick out a book by a local author. Discover Mauritius through their imaginations and stories. In addition to a variety of local literature, you may also be interested in getting a copy of the famous novel, “Paul et Virginie” by French author Bernardin de Saint Pierre. The story, set in Mauritius, is about two young lovers and it beautifully describes the life in Mauritius during the French colonial period.

Get pampered

Book yourself a spa day at one of the many world-class spa services where you can rest, relax and rejuvenate. Massage, mani-pedi, facials, scrubs… you name it, we have it! Many spas also feature steam rooms and saunas, as well as heated jacuzzis. Relax and let the stress melt away. You will leave feeling refreshed, without feeling guilty for having missed any sunshine hours. If that’s not win-win, then I don’t know what is!

We hope you enjoy our suggestions. Overall, these are great activities, whether the weather is good or bad! And next time someone tells you there is nothing to do in Mauritius when it’s raining, tell them you can think of a couple of pretty good options. Bonnes vacances!