5 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Book Your Mauritius Airport Pickup


Many people travelling to Mauritius often wonder whether they should pre-book their airport transfer to their hotel or just get a cab once they’re there. Here is why you should always pre-book your Mauritius airport pickup:

1: Getting a cab at the airport is almost always more expensive.

Prices charged by taxis at the airport are almost always more expensive than what you would pay online. For example, if you pre-book a taxi for Grand Baie, it usually ranges between €45 to €50 for a regular car, but you can expect to pay around €50 to €55 at the airport during the day. At night, the prices can be significantly more expensive because there may be fewer cabs at the airport.

2: If you’re travelling in a group, multiple cabs will cost you more than pre-booking a minibus.

When travelling in groups, it is always better to be more organized. Booking a minibus will cost you much less than arriving at the airport with your group and realizing there are no minibuses available! For example, if you’re in a group of 8, heading to the Grand Baie, you’d need 3 cabs if you have a 2 pieces of luggage each. That would cost you about €150 but a minibus would only cost you about €80! That’s an extra €70 in your pocket, that you could spend on those delicious mojitos!

3: No going around in a circle, get to your destination faster!

After hours of travelling in a plane, you probably don’t want to spend hours driving around in a cab to get to your hotel. When you pre-book your airport pickup, you provide the taxi with your hotel information in advance. That gives the driver the time to research the location and the directions to get there, so you are sure to reach your destination faster. It’s often very difficult to find places in Mauritius because of the lack of structured addresses.

4: If you don’t want to carry a lot of the local currency, you can pre-pay using your credit card.

Taxis in Mauritius are not equipped with credit card machines, and they usually take Mauritian Rupees only. If you don’t want to worry about changing your money right away and just want to get to your hotel, it’s best to book and pre-pay for your airport transfer online.

5: No waiting and looking for a cab with your luggage.

The last thing you’ll want to do after a long flight is to look for a taxi, with all your luggage. When you pre-book your pickup, the taxi driver will be waiting for you! It’s as easy as just showing him or her your confirmation and off you go to your destination!

To book your Mauritius airport pickup with Bonjour Mauritius, visit our airport transfer page! If you’re looking for things to do in Mauritius, check out all the fantastic Mauritius activities we offer!