A Mauritian Classic: The Di-pain, Di-ber and Gato Pima Sandwich

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There is no denying it: Mauritians love their gato pima (gâteaux piments or chili cakes)! So it’s not surprising that they have numerous creative ways to enjoy their favourite treat! Here is a simple, although not necessarily healthy recipe.

In Mauritius we’re lucky that we can buy fresh and hot gateaux piments from the street merchants but here is a simple recipe if you’d like to make them yourself!

What you’ll need for 1 sandwich:

  • A 6-inch piece of fresh baguette bread
  • 4-6 hot and crunchy gateaux piments, depending on how small or big they are
  • Butter

Here it goes:

  • Slice and the bread.
  • Place your hot gato piments on the bread.
  • Close it up, and enjoy!

I made a little tomato salsa (aka sattini pommes d’amour) to accompany my sandwich and it was seriously delicious!