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June Weather in Mauritius


Just as June is the start of summer in the northern hemisphere, it’s the start of winter here in the southern hemisphere. However, that doesn’t mean the weather in Mauritius in June will be “wintery” by European or South African standards.



In June, daytime temperatures along the coast are typically around 26 or 27 degrees, falling into the upper teens at night. Anticyclones (high pressure systems from the southeast), may bring brief periods of windy and cooler weather, however maximum temperatures below 23 or 24 degrees along the coast are rare.


Humidity is not an issue in June.


June is a relatively dry month. When rain does fall it is usually quite light and short in duration.


June is not a windy month, however brief periods of windy weather are possible during anticyclones.


There are no cyclones in June


June is a sunny month, despite the shorter days. There are just over 11 hours of daylight in June compared to about 13 hours in the peak of summer.

Sea Temperatures:

Sea temperatures fall to 25-26 degrees in June, but are still perfect for swimming.

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