May Weather in Mauritius


May Weather in Mauritius

May is a beautiful time of year to visit Mauritius. As May is outside of the high season, there are fewer visitors. In addition, heat, humidity and rainfall are on the decrease, while visitors are often treated to bright, sunny skies and very comfortable temperatures.


  • Despite the fact that temperatures begin to fall in May, the sea remains warm, and often feels warmer than it is due to the cooler air temperatures. This makes May an ideal month for Sea Activities, and especially those that require relatively calm seas, such as Swimming With Wild Dolphins, since cyclone season as come to an end.
  • Given that rainfall decreases in May, this month is an ideal time for outdoor activities, such as Hiking in Tamarind Falls, or seeing the Southwest of the island.
  • Bring a light jacket or over-shirt for cooler evenings, although there’s a good chance you won’t need it.


Daytime temperatures in May are typically in the upper 20s along the coast, with lows close to 20 degrees. This is more comfortable than the previous months for most people.


While there is still a touch of humidity, May is far less humid than the previous 4 months.


Monthly rainfall starts to decrease in May, especially on the north and west coasts. Longer stretches of rainless weather are more common, and what rain that does fall is usually not as heavy as previous months.


May is not a windy month. Breezy conditions along the coasts are commonplace in the afternoons, but strong winds are rare.


Cyclone season ends in April. While a stray cyclone is still technically possible in May, it’s rare.


May is a relatively sunny month. Days become slightly shorter as we approach the southern hemisphere winter solstice, however, bright, sunny days are common. The North and West typically see the most sunshine.

Sea Temperatures:

Sea temperatures remain warm, at around 27degrees in May.

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