Mauritian Street Food

A visit to Mauritius wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the local street food! It is delicious, cheap and authentic. Even if you are staying at a five star hotel, with the best chef in the world, we guarantee that your taste buds will love these yummy local specialties.

Interesting fact: Most Mauritian street food is vegetarian.

Dhall Puri or Dholl Puri

What is it? It’s a soft flat bread made and stuffed with split peas. It is normally served rolled up, with rougaille sauce and gros pois (butter beans) but each vendor has their own sauces. Like with everything, Mauritians love to eat this with chili sauce.
Where to eat it? You can find vendors selling dholl puri from the back of their bicycles at the local markets, at busy corners of the villages or at the beach. The most famous dholl puris are from Dewa and Sons in Rose Hill, so if you’re a hardcore foodie, put eating dholl puris from Deva and Sons on your list of things to do in Mauritius!

street food mauritius


What is it? Similar to dholl puri, roti is a flat bread, but made with regular wheat flour. It is served with the same sauces. It is soft and chewy and the flavours of the different sauces, along with some chili sauce makes it one of the most popular treats in Mauritius.
Where to eat it? You can find roti in most villages, at the markets and at the beach. They are sold at the local food stalls or from the back of bicycles and motorcycles.


What is it? There is a huge variety of deep fried snacks that fall in the general category of gadjacks (appetizers). Some but not all are: gateaux piments, samousas, arouille, chana puris, gateau li-chou, di-pain frire. They are best eaten with some sattini (chutney). We recommend sampling them all! Hey, calories don’t count when you’re on vacation, right?
Where to eat it? In most villages, you will find sellers making fresh gadjacks on the side of the road.

chana puri


What is it? The Mauritian bubble tea! It’s a sweet drink, made with milk, basil seeds, agar agar, flavoured strawberry or vanilla syrup. It is amazing on a hot summer day.
Where to try it? The best place is at Alouda Pillay in Port-Louis, which has become one of the Mauritius attractions not to be missed while visiting the capital.



What is it? They are Chinese dumplings, made with chayotte and other ingredients like chicken and shrimp. People love to eat them with a broth and lots of sauces.
Where to try it? You can taste boulettes at the various “snacks” (local restaurants) all over the island. Our favourite place is at Ti-Kouloir in Grand Baie. We can never get enough.