Eat like a local: Boulettes at Ti Kouloir

One of our absolute favourite Mauritian food has got to be boulettes soup. We never fail to try it at every single restaurant, street vendor or local snack that would offer it on their menu (and I’m not even exaggerating). Thanks to Reena, a true local who knows everyone and everything in Grand Baie, we discovered Ti Kouloir, that literally translates to “Little Hallway”. And that’s really what it is: a small hallway, with a few stools and narrow wood “tables” attached to the two side walls. If you’re searching for authentic, local things to do in Mauritius, then you have to try this place out! 

They only serve two items: boulettes and mine frire (pan fried noodles). Come to think of it, I will need another blog post just to talk about those delicious noodles!

Boulettes are essentially small round dumplings and Ti Kouloir offers a variety of them: lamb, squash, chicken, fish, tofu and calamari. They all have local or Chinese sounding names which I can never remember, so my strategy is to just point at the ones I want and it works just fine. Check out my picks below.



I prefer to eat them with the broth and lots of green onions but some people eat them on their own or as a side to their mine. Although the broth is delicious on its own, I love to experiment with the different sauces they provide: soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, chili oil and of course the ever so popular piment crasé (crushed chillies) and la sauce l’ail (garlic sauce).



So… are you tempted yet? I should also add that this is the best Mauritian cure to a hangover! So, after a night of Phoenix beers and local rum, you’ll be happy to enjoy a nice bowl of boulettes.