The Best Mauritius Tour Packages

While booking individual tours gives you the opportunity to customize your time outside of your resort based on your interests, some prefer to have their tours and excursions neatly packaged into two or three full-day trips, each of which explores a different part of the island. For that reason, at Bonjour Mauritius we’ve created two different tour packages which allow you to see the main sites of the island with a single booking. 

The most popular and comprehensive of these tour packages is our Mauritius Essentials 3-Day tour package. Each of the three days explore a different part of the island: the North, South and Southwest portions respectively. Each tour lasts approximately 8 hours. Despite being only 60km long by 40km wide (at its longest and widest points), the different areas of Mauritius are very unique in many regards. Spending an entire day exploring each part of the island will allow you to gain a more intimate appreciation of the island. As an added bonus, this tour package gives you the chance to add a wild dolphin swim to the Southwest Tour, fully completing your Mauritian tour experience! 


Chamarel Falls Mauritius

Chamarel Falls in the Southwest of Mauritius

For those who have limited time, we also offer the Mauritius Highlights in 2 Days tour package, which explores the majority of the sites in the Mauritius Essentials 3-Day tour package, but in two 10-hour days. 


Bois Cheri Tea Plantation

Bois Cheri Tea Plantation in the Interior South of Mauritius

What’s nice about both of these Mauritius tour packages is that they allow you to explore each attraction at your own pace, spending more time at the attractions that you are more interested in, and less time at those that you are less interested in. Whichever tour packages you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to really get to know the places, people and culture of the island, beyond your hotel!