Whale Watching in Mauritius

If you’re a marine life lover and enjoy getting out on the water, consider this Mauritius whale watching excursion as the perfect day trip to add to your vacation itinerary! While you will be spending 2.5 hours on a speedboat off the west coast of the island, you’ll also be given a magnificent opportunity to spot whales and encounter their habits and behaviours securely from the boat. We also offer the opportunity to combine Whale Watching with Swimming with Wild Dolphins, for the ultimate day in paradise. So, pick a day and mind the waves. Who knew whale watching in Mauritius could be this exciting!

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Whale Watching in Mauritius


Join our professional and qualified skippers on 2.5 hour whale watching tour, starting near the picturesque fishing village of Tamarin and travel to the open seas to view these magnificent marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Humpback whales can be sighted off the Mauritian coast between July and September/October when they move from the South pole to warmer seas near the equator to reproduce, give birth and breed before getting back to the antarctic while the Sperm whales can be observed almost all year round.

Once you get on board the speedboat, the skippers will start by briefing you on the most important aspects of this experience, including:

  1. The types of whales that you will encounter and their habits
  2. Guidelines for sustainable whale watching
  3. Security measures on the boat


During your expedition, you will hear educational commentary by our skippers, and you will see the magnificent whales in their natural habitat.

You will also have the opportunity to snorkel near the coral reef (snorkelling gear provided)

Whale watching is a different and more difficult outing as you will have to go further out to sea and the success will depend a lot on the weather and sea conditions. If the sea is rough, it will be more difficult to see the whales.