Chamarel, Mauritius / Ile Maurice

Evidence of Ancient “lost Continent” Under Mauritius

Who would have thought that under our beautiful island there would a “lost continent”? As it turns out, a team of researchers has discovered chunks of continental crust that broke off from a super-continent, known as Gondwana, 200 million years ago!

According to Science Alert, the team has now shown that the rocks under Mauritius date back as far as three billion years. This is pretty surprising since Mauritius was formed between 8 and 9 million years ago.

And not so surprisingly, the researchers are calling the newly found continent Mauritia!

At Bonjour Mauritius, we’ve always been fascinated by the geology of the island, and we’re thrilled that this recent discovery has brought about much interest in the volcanic history of Mauritius.

For those who are curious to discover the geologic wonders of the island, we offer two tours, the South West Day Tour and the Dolphins and Volcanic Wonders Tour, that provide you with the opportunity to view and admire the various volcanic formations on the island such as:

  • Trou aux Cerfs: This dormant volcano stands at around 600m above sea level in the village of Curepipe. Locals and tourists alike make their way up the slopes to the crater to enjoy the tranquil and beautiful scenery.
Aerial view of Trou aux Cerfs, Mauritius

Trou aux Cerfs, Mauritius / Ile Maurice

  • Grand Bassin Crater Lake: Grand Bassin is an ancient crater that turned into a lake over many years. Also known as the sacred lake or Ganga Talao, it has religious significance for the Hindu population in Mauritius and it has been on visitors’ list of things to do in Mauritius for both its cultural and geological aspects.
Aerial view of Grand Bassin Viewpoint, Mauritius

Grand Bassin Viewpoint

  • Black River Gorges National Park: This is the largest national park in Mauritius. Covering an area of 6754 hectares, the park is home to numerous endemic flora and fauna and provides visitors with beautiful hikes, with varying levels of difficulty. There are multiple viewpoints from which visitors can admire the beautiful volcanic landscape created by the lava flows.
View of the Black River Gorges, Mauritius

Black River Gorges, Mauritius – Gorges de la Rivière Noire, Ile Maurice

  • Alexandra Falls: One of the stops in the Black River Gorges is the Alexandra Falls and viewpoint, where you can once again, soak in the beautiful views.
  • Chamarel: Also called Seven-Coloured Earth, this geological formation comprises of visually striking dunes  of seven distinct colours. In the same park, you can also admire the famous Chamarel Falls, which is most impressive following a rainy period.
View of Chamarel, Mauritius

Chamarel, Mauritius / Ile Maurice