Mauritius Dolphin Flip

Swimming With Wild Dolphins In Mauritius: Tips & Tricks

Swim with Dolphins in Mauritius

Swimming with wild dolphins in Mauritius is a once in a lifetime experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind before you take the plunge.

Dolphins playing in the Mauritius ocean

Dolphins Playing In Mauritius

Don’t Expect The Dolphins To Preform

Unlike dolphins in captivity, wild dolphins are not trained to entertain an audience. In fact, you may feel like the dolphins barely notice your presence. This enhances your experience and makes it even more special as you’ll be able to observe the dolphins playing and socializing in their natural habitat.

Remember, You’re Here To Observe Only

Touching the dolphins is a big no-no! Remember, you’re in the dolphins’ natural environment, so avoid anything that will interfere with their habits. Our goal is to observe these magnificent creatures without disrupting the fragile ecosystem they live in.

If You Can, Swim With Confidence

With Bonjour Mauritius’ Dolphin Excursions, life vests are provided and skippers are trained to accompany guests in the water. However, if you are a strong swimmer, being more confident and agile in the water can make you more interesting to the dolphins, and it increases the likelihood that they will remain around you.

Listen To The Dolphins

It’s often very easy to hear the dolphins clicking and whistling underwater. This significantly enhances your experience of swimming with wild dolphins in Mauritius.

A pod of dolphins underwater in Mauritius

Dolphins Underwater In Mauritius

Pick The Trip That’s Right For You

Bonjour Mauritius offers several options for swimming with wild dolphins, including excursions that include whale watching, end with a barbecue on a beautiful uninhabited island, or are part of a larger tour.