Mauritius History and Eco Tour: Discover the history of Mauritius and its unique flora and fauna

Mauritius History Tour. Exploring flora and fauna
Bonjour Mauritius is thrilled to introduce its very first themed tour: the History and Eco Tour, which enables history and nature aficionados to explore the fascinating history of Mauritius and discover the unique flora and fauna of the island.

During this educational and fun-filled tour, you will learn about the discovery of Mauritius, the settlement attempts of the Dutch, and the colonization of the island by the French and the British. You will get to view old artifacts and memorabilia at the Natural History / Naval Museum and, if you would like, visit the Frederik Hendrik Museum, also known as the Dutch’s First Landing Site. You will also get to visit the historic village of Mahéboug, which used to be the main port of Mauritius. You can explore the streets that still have a colonial feel to them and visit the famous market, close to the waterfront.

During this trip, you will also enjoy a 1.5 to 2 hour leisurely guided hike on Ile aux Aigrettes, a protected nature reserve, home to unique and rare species of plants and animals that were once considered on the verge of extinction. As a result of the successful conservation efforts by scientists on the island, you will have the opportunity to view unique species such as the Mauritian Fody, Pink Pigeon, giant Aldabra Tortoise, and the Ornate Day Gecko in a safe and protected environment. You will also discover the original trees and vegetation that, before the arrival of man, covered Mauritius and its surrounding islands.

mauritius history tour eco tour blue bay

A trip to the southeast would not be complete without a stop at the famous Blue Bay Beach. This stunning piece of paradise is also known for its protected marine park, where fishing is not allowed. If you would like to discover the marine park, you can book a short glass-bottom boat trip to discover the multitude of fish that inhabit the waters of Blue Bay.

mauritius history tour eco tour blue bay

A truly unique addition to our collection, the History and Eco Tour is a must for those wanting to explore the island’s fascinating past.