Mauritian Séga Music

To the joy of Mauritians worldwide, as of 2014, Mauritian Sega has been declared a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Sega music and dance, which originated in the early 18th century is a big part of the rich history and culture of this island nation. Born out of the pain and suffering of slaves during the colonisation and settlement of Mauritius, sega was a cry for freedom and expression. Slaves would gather around a fire and sing about their pain, their ancestral homelands, and their desire for freedom and happiness. Sega is now a legacy of the enslaved population and a symbol of national unity, amongst all Mauritians, regardless of their ancestry.

Here is a video clip that features Ti-Frère, one of the most famous Sega Tipik singers and showcases the traditional sega dance and music, including the traditional sega instruments: the ravann, the maravann and the triang.

If you are visiting Mauritius, we highly recommend that you add watching a live sega show on your list of things to do in Mauritius. Talk to your hotel reception and see if they have any shows scheduled! Even if you are not a great dancer, the sega beats will make you move like never before!