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March Weather in Mauritius

March Weather in Mauritius During March, summer is in full swing in Mauritius. Days are hot and humid, nights are sultry, and heavy afternoon showers are commonplace. Temperature: Temperatures in March are similar to February. Daytime highs are typically between 30 and 35 degrees along the coasts and lows range between 22 and 25 degrees. Very […]

February Weather in Mauritius

February Weather in Mauritius February is historically the wettest, hottest and most humid month in Mauritius. Statistically, it also has the greatest possibility of tropical cyclones. But, does that mean it will be a washout? Let’s find out! Temperature: You are essentially guaranteed high temperatures in February. Similar to January, daytime highs range from 30-35 degrees […]

January Weather in Mauritius

January Weather in Mauritius We often get questions about the weather in Mauritius during specific months of the year, so we’ve decided to start a little 12-part series which explains the weather across the island each month of the year. For more information about where to stay, check out our blog post Where to Stay in […]